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    Concentrate on the fight against the epidemic, overcome the difficulties and wait for spring peace

    Time: 2021-02-13

    Concentrate on the fight against the epidemic, overcome the difficulties and wait for spring peace

    ——Record the Yellow River Pharmaceutical Industry Epidemic Prevention and Work Resumption Training

    The epidemic is the order, and prevention and control are the responsibility.

    Huanghe Pharmaceuticals attaches great importance to the prevention and control of the epidemic and actively responds to government requirements. It promptly established an infectious disease prevention and control work leader with the executive vice president Zhang Hanhua as the team leader, the heads of various departments as the deputy team leaders, and the backbone of each department as the members. The group conscientiously implemented the important instructions of the Party Central Committee on the epidemic, studied specific measures for epidemic prevention and control, and finally formulated and initiated the enterprise epidemic prevention and control work plan, and issued a red document "Implementation of New Coronavirus Epidemic Prevention and Control Work Rules.

    In order to ensure safe resumption of work, all relevant positions of Huanghe Pharmaceutical strictly implement the implementation rules. Before entering the factory, we can see that our guards are strictly implementing the on-duty system and earnestly keeping on-duty records. The guard room strictly controls all personnel and vehicles entering and exiting the company, and conducts temperature monitoring records and mask wearing inspections for every entry personnel. Sufficient epidemic prevention materials have been reserved in the factory area, and all relevant positions will also implement 100% implementation rules for epidemic prevention and control to ensure adequate protection.

    In addition, Huanghe Pharmaceutical also promotes epidemic prevention and control knowledge through various forms such as hanging banners, posting special knowledge on infectious disease prevention and control on publicity boards, and online training.

    Huanghe Pharmaceutical's online training was launched on the morning of February 12 for all employees in the factory. This training was lectured by three backbone backbones from the Office of Prevention and Control, Sun Bo, Sun Wenliang, and Tian Jin. The content was divided into "Detailed Rules for the Prevention and Control of the New Coronavirus Epidemic and Related Knowledge Promotion", "Emergency Plan", and "Safety Before Resumption of Work" The three aspects of "Training" involve the return of non-local employees to the factory, the disinfection of the premises, the safety and sanitation measures of the canteen, the isolation room management system, risk analysis and event level, emergency protection, emergency management, etc., which have strong practicability. This training used online assessment to test all employees, and truly achieved company-wide, full-coverage training.

    I am very grateful to the government, shareholders and the group for their strong support to Huanghe Pharmaceuticals, the epidemic prevention leading group and the epidemic prevention office for the company's comprehensive deployment and control of the company's epidemic prevention and resumption of work, and also thank all employees for their active response to the resumption of work arrangements and earnestly implementing the company's epidemic prevention Requests and arrangements for resumption of work.

    We believe that all of our employees, under the supervision and leadership of the company’s leaders, will consciously implement the arrangements and training requirements of the epidemic prevention working group to protect the health and safety of themselves, their families and all colleagues. Today, although the cold remains the same, the warmth of spring will always arrive as scheduled. When the ice and snow melt, diseases and disasters will surely become the dust of the years. The cold underground that has been ravaged by the epidemic is the spring that is about to break out of the ground!

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