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    Office reorganization of the Quality Assurance Department

    Time: 2020-06-20

    Due to the development and planning needs of the department, in the second week of June 2020, under the leadership of the head of quality management and quality authorized person Sun Wenliang, all members of the office of the quality assurance department re-planned and reorganized the office of the department.

    Two members of the original verification department, Yan Meilin and Zhao Zewen, work in the verification department on the second floor of the office building, and two members of the ADR monitoring office, Dai Guochao and Pan Honglei, work in the quality assurance department on the first floor of the office. New members are now required for verification, regulations and external affairs. , And the original verification department office planning is limited, so the verification department is now moved to the quality assurance department office on the first floor, and the ADR monitoring office is moved to a separate office on the second floor. And take this opportunity to readjust the office locations of the original members of the Quality Assurance Department. According to the work plan, the office locations of the four verification members are concentrated in the first two rows of the office, and the two members of the regulations and external affairs are arranged in the fourth row. And department managers are in the last 2 rows to facilitate communication and exchanges between staff. After the reorganization, the Office of the Quality Assurance Department will meet every day's work and challenges with a brand-new working state.

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