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    Pagoda Sugar


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    Pagoda Sugar

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    Kefir? Piperazine Phosphate Pagoda Sugar

    Product Manual

    【Product name】Piperazine phosphate pagoda sugar

    【Traits】This product is a colored lozenge

    【Specification】0.2g each

    【Ingredient】Each capsule of this product contains 0.2g of the main ingredient piperazine phosphate

    【Indications】For children with roundworm and pinworm infections

    【Dosage】Oral. Please see the table below for children's dosage:

    Age Weight (kg) Dosage (grain) frequency
    Ascariasis Enterobiasis
    1-3 10-15 5-7 3 Take it once before going to bed. Ascariasis for 2 consecutive days;
    Enterobiasis even takes 7-10 days.
    4-6 16-21 7-10 4-5
    7-9 22-27 10-12 5-7
    9-12 28-32 12-15 7-8

    [Adverse Reactions]

    1. There are few adverse reactions of this product. Nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, headache, paresthesia, urticaria, etc. may occur occasionally, which will disappear soon after stopping the drug.

    2. People with allergies may have tears, runny nose, cough, dizziness, drowsiness, asthma, etc.

    3. Occasionally, viral hepatitis-like manifestations, miosis, dysregulation, paralytic strabismus, etc. are seen occasionally.


    1. This product has potential neuromuscular toxicity to the human body (especially children), so long-term excessive use should be avoided.

    2. Those with malnutrition or anemia should be corrected before starting to take this product.

    3. If you overdose or have serious adverse reactions, you should seek medical attention immediately.

    4. People who are allergic to this product should not use it. People with allergies should use it with caution.

    5. It is forbidden to use this product when its properties change.

    6. Please keep this product out of reach of children.

    7. Children must be used under adult supervision.

    8. If you are using other drugs, please consult your physician or pharmacist before using this product.

    [Drug Interactions]

    1. The use of this product and chlorpromazine may cause convulsions, so the combined use should be avoided.

    2. The combination of this product and pyrantel has an antagonistic effect, and the combination should be avoided.

    3. If it is used with other drugs at the same time, drug interactions may occur. For details, please consult your physician or pharmacist.


    This product has the effect of paralyzing roundworms, so that roundworms cannot attach to the host's intestinal wall and are discharged with intestinal peristalsis. In addition, this product also has an anthelmintic effect on pinworms, but the mechanism of action is not yet clear.

    [Storage] Sealed and stored in a dry place.

    [Packing] Plastic bottle, 20 capsules/bottle, 24 capsules/bottle, 30 capsules/bottle, 36 capsules/bottle.

    [Validity Period] 30 months

    [Approval number] National Medicine Standard H32024706

    1. National double-patent insect repellent for children
    2. Specifically for roundworm and pinworm infections in children aged 1-12
    3. Babies are anorexia and picky eaters, poor appetites, malnutrition, slow growth, teeth grinding, drooling at night, frequent pain around the belly button, most of the body has roundworms.

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