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    Social Recruitment

    A first-class enterprise featuring special Chinese patent medicines and brand OTC

    "Believe, prove, and dreams will come soon." We welcome you who have dreams to join the harmonious and passionate professional team of Huanghe Pharmaceutical. The company provides systematic professional training for employees to provide a broader stage for employees' careers.

    NO. Recruitment position Profession Job requirements Salary package Number of recruits Remarks
    1 Production management/professional and technical personnel Pharmacy, pharmaceutical-related majors; 1. Full-time college, bachelor degree or above;
    2. Good language skills and communication and coordination skills;
    3. Be proactive, self-motivated, value future career development, and have good learning ability;
    4. Bear hardships and stand hard work, have a strong sense of responsibility;
    5. Good professional ethics and sense of teamwork;
    6. Strong resistance to pressure, able to withstand pressure and relieve pressure through self-regulation.
    Professional requirements: pharmaceutical engineering, bioengineering, biopharmaceuticals, pharmacy, traditional Chinese medicine, pharmaceutical production technology, applied chemical engineering and other related majors.
    3500-5500 5 Work place
    Yancheng, Funing
    2 R&D management/professional and technical personnel Pharmacy, pharmaceutical-related majors; 5
    3 Quality management/professional and technical personnel Pharmacy, pharmacy, Chinese pharmacy and other related majors; 10
    4 Reserve cadres/management trainees Pharmaceutical engineering, pharmacy, pharmaceutical production technology and other related majors; 5

    1. Non-local employees provide free board and lodging (three meals).

    2. Pay five social insurances and one housing fund.

    3. Enjoy statutory holidays and paid annual leave in accordance with regulations.

    4. Perfect training mechanism (internal training, external training) and professional promotion assessment system.

    5. On holidays such as the Spring Festival and Dragon Boat Festival, employees are given festive gifts and gifts for their birthdays. And enjoy sick visit fees, various subsidies, etc.

    6. Provide physical health check once a year.

    Working hours: eight hours a day, five days a week (overtime pay is settled in accordance with relevant laws).

    Working place: No. 8 Huanghe Road, Funing Economic Development Zone, Yancheng City (foreign personnel provide board and lodging).

    Contact information: +86-515-87399766, +86-15995167805  E-mail:daiqingping@hham.com.cn   Ms. Dai, Personnel Administration Department

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